3-year-old swallows 37 Buckyball magnets.

This underscores the actual fact that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are for adults and so are not toys for children. We urge all parents to learn and adhere to the warnings we place on all our products, on our internet site and in stores. The news headlines spotlights the potential hazards of magnetic toys made for adults when put in the hands of children. Based on the Consumer Product Safety Commission, little magnets can kill children if two or more are swallowed, because they are able to attract to one another through the intestinal wall space. This traps the magnets in place and can trigger holes, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines, infection, and fatal blood poisoning referred to as sepsis potentially. Surgery must take away the magnets usually, and sometimes parts of the intestines have to be removed.There have been 22 cases of children swallowing magnets since 2009.Levine, M.D., Vasee Moorthy, D.Phil., Andrew J. Pollard, Ph.D., Simon J. Draper, D.Phil., W. Ripley Ballou, M.D., Alison Lawrie, Ph.D., Sarah C. Gilbert, Ph.D., and Adrian V.S. Hill, D.M.1 A highly effective vaccine may be essential to contain this international open public health emergency. No brand-new vaccine has been first tested in humans and quickly developed within months so that they can control a major infectious disease outbreak. Nevertheless, both chimpanzee adenovirus and modified vaccinia virus Ankara vectors,2 that have been developed by the Vaccine Research Center of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in collaboration with Okairos, had recently been manufactured to scientific grade at the time of the acceleration of the EVD outbreak in early August 2014.