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The researchers found that the production of of a desktop computer and 17-inch CRT monitor uses at least 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 of chemicals and 1,500 kg water – a total of 1.8 tons of materials – roughly the weight of a rhinoceros or sports utility vehicle .

There is a need for epidemiological studies, but little action to see that they are completed. – a group of chemicals known as brominated flame retardants in printed circuit boards and plastic computer case is of particular importance. Recent studies in the United States show, Canada and Sweden, the concentrations of these compounds in humans were rapidly. In sufficient doses, they can neuro – developmental disorders and possibly cancer.. Much power is wasted as computers also tend to when not in use, can be left overnight. Many users mistakenly believe that turning off machines can damage the components. In practice turns off computers and shorten its life after 20 years of use, not relevant for most devices.Three days address financial crisis burden to the developing countries with UN Financial Summit.

United Nations General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, of the event Operator, the aim of the conference is contingency and emergency and long-term responses for mitigate the impact of the financial crisis, particularly upon vulnerable populations. Brockmann also said that the conference should begin a dialogue on the transformation of of the global financial architectural, also told needs and concerns in all Member States, German Welle reports (German shaft.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice told peak to the U.S. Believes we should instruments available tools available to manage different dimensions of the crisis. sound AP / Google. Rice also said an additional 200,000 United States despite the dedicated to substantially increasing of our own formal development ‘ hard times. .