October 2016

– will be evaluated the costs and benefits of immunotherapy treatment must carefully – counseling pregnant women to avoid who eat peanuts should be stoppedThe Committee emphasizes that its recommendations […]

These results of these studies carried out in the community settings support the policy of the use of chlorhexidine on newborn umbilical cord for prevention of omphalitis and mortality. . […]

Contact:.* Item: Stefanie Hildebrandt,* Editorial: Laura Sussman,Frequent blood donation do nothing Stifterverband risk of cancers ofFrequent blood donation does not alter an individual’s risk of developing cancer. While iron is […]

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Notes:* ‘play we want to ‘British blind Sport 2005 – There are now 28 actionnaires sports clubs run by Action for blind Run people across Britain in Ashford, Birmingham, Blackburn, […]

LUX Lung 2 interim resultsInterim Phase II data from the LUX-Lung 2 study suggest BIBW 2992 has anti-tumor activity in advanced second-line non-small cell lung cancer patients who have epidermal […]

Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic products to treat the unmet medical needs of patients with debilitating conditions and life-threatening […]