August 2016

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The new GPC document, Freedom of Information Act 2000? Frequently asked questions , is available on the BMA website this week. It applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Separate […]

The rate of methamphetamine use among 1,189 MSM was 30 times higher than levels reported in the general U.S. Population in the same period. Methampehtamine or ‘meth ‘is an addictive […]

Professor Toshihide Nishimura, Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, and Senior Advisor, Expression Pathology Inc., said: Genedata ` s support for our proteomics Star Alliance is proving the outstanding value […]

The HudsonAlpha Prize Committee received its recommendations from a distinguished and impartial group of scientists who live out of state and have no connections to participating universities. – funding for […]

In the older group, baseline sleep was not linked to weight status later. However, they found that contemporaneous sleep was associated with increased likelihood of a shift from normal weight, […]