20 and 50 denominations 100 percent of these showed contamination with cocaine.

The research was funded by the Irish Analysis Council for Science, Engineering and Technology. Utilizing a technique regarding chromatography/mass spectrometry, an example of 45 bank notes were analysed to show the known degree of contamination by cocaine. The cotton structure of the Euro bank notes absorbs chemical residues, making it relatively easy to analyse. While all of the notes proved positive for cocaine contamination, three demonstrated the current presence of heroin. Contamination may appear whenever direct contact between the note and the drug occurs, either through the normal practice of ‘snorting’ through a rolled-up banknote, because of transfer during drug coping or through the cross-contamination of notes through the counting procedure in finance institutions.Weight training is ideal for burning sugars too. Weight training also keeps sugars burning for hours after finishing the work out. Flexibility exercises like yoga exercises or actually stretches help to burn sugar and to manage tension as stress is one factor in high blood sugars. 3. Diabetics need to sleep for 7 and a half to 9 hours of sleep a night time. Too little or an excessive amount of sleep causes stress, and tension is a reason behind high blood sugar.