1992 and 2000.

1992 and 2000.n study links alcohol and colon cancerA large European study has found that drinking even a glass of wine or beer a day increases the risk of colon cancer by 10 %. And increases the risk the more alcohol you drink. For example, drank more than 30 grams of alcohol per day, about one liter or almost two pints of strong stock, the risk increases by 25 %.

The lifetime risk for colon cancer is one in 20 for men and one in 18 for womenAn epidemiologist at Cancer Research UK, and the Deputy Director of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in Oxford, Professor Tim Key, told the BBC this studies showed quite clearly that.: ‘drink more drink more alcohol the risk of colon cancer. ‘.We recognize that variations of in estrogen levels with such disorders such endometriosis, osteoporosis , and endometrial, thoracic and ovarian cancers is associated. Because long-term caffeine consumption has the potential to influence estrogen levels for a long period, it is advisable with caffeine account in the design of trials to understand these disorders.

To shows that the African American women as much as much to say such as these two Asian women the white women also had higher levels of estrogen, but the statistics could not confirm that enough to enough to go of. Their research did from the analysis women drinking either caffeine lemonade , green tea or black tea are -. Kaffee seemed to make the biggest difference in the estrogen levels for all women. Term had higher levels of estrogen had less white females, and African-American women did not be ascertained levels. Ash and green tea leaves was shown, however, to to produce high levels of estrogen into women, Asian People, the White and African Americans..